UW Publication Seeks Submissions

Dream Seed is a project that is launching with the goal of promoting interdisciplinary dialogue across academic disciplines, focusing on reducing educational gaps and fostering a network of young leaders. (This is an extension project from Interactive Intelligence, a student-led research organization merging Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. As a co-founder of Interactive Intelligence (i2), Janna noticed an unbalanced ratio of Liberal Arts to STEM students, resulting in limited discussions outside of their own fields. The Dream Seed project aims to help students transcend their own world and bridge their creative processes with those in other fields. Dr. Eric Chudler is the main advisor, and they are collaborating with the Computational Neuroscience Center (CNC) at UW to emphasize the mission of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.)

The current project from Dream Seed is collecting creative submissions from students at UW for an upcoming journal publication. This publication will highlight creative and innovative interpretations of a shared theme, with the ultimate goal of distributing these works, particularly to underserved areas that lack mental health resources and perceive higher education as unattainable.

If interested, please send submissions to neuro@dreamseedyouth.com