Call for Mural Artist


Located at the center of the Queen Anne neighborhood, this new multi-family project is under construction and will have a new Safeway grocery store at ground level. The project has a goal to feature the work of local artists to enhance the pedestrian experience. The developer sees art as an integral part of the built-environment and would like to integrate artwork to create a rich cultural tapestry in the neighborhood. We are inviting artists to submit qualifications & interest for designing a mural.

We will be seeking artist designs for the entrance to the Safeway parking garage. We will be interested in one of two approaches. Either:

A) “Post Card” mural as seen in several cities.  A Queen Anne themed mural where the text is infilled with area relevant content and the surrounding space may be adorned with fruit, veggies, floral, fish and bakery items. Included examples of this as well.


B) Produce-based art – not only fruit and veggies, but floral, fish and bakery should be included as well.  A fun, less refined style would be welcome. See examples attached.

Selected artist finalists will be given a stipend to propose/sketch a specific concept or design for this mural. The final selected artist will be paid an additional stipend to refine their design for hi-resolution printing. The mural will be printed and installed in collaboration with the selected artist.

Request for Qualifications information and application form: