Uptown Arts & Culture District Artist in Residency – call for applications

Early Career Uptown Arts & Culture District Artist in Residency


This call is open to Western Washington residents who are within the first 4 years of their career as an artist and not currently a full time student. The artist must be able to attend meetings in the Uptown neighborhood on a monthly basis. People who are members of historically disenfranchised racial, ethnic, cultural, and other identity groups are especially encouraged to apply.


The Uptown Arts & Culture Coalition (UACC) seeks to support the next generation of arts leaders by providing an environment for an early career artist to experience board leadership, lead a public art project, and facilitate community engagement. The Artist in Residency (AR) will be an active member of the UACC board including voting power, participating in committee service, and connecting to the local artists & arts organizations. They will be assigned a board member to help them through the process of working with a board, community and the assigned project. Lastly, each AR is assigned a public art project where they will get the opportunity to work with the local community and artists in the design process.

2024/25 Project for the Uptown Art District:

Working with the UACC and local community the AR will design a series of crosswalks for the uptown neighborhood. Locations and quantity will be determined as part of the engagement process during the residency. UACC retains all rights to the use of the finalized designs but the AR may use the designs, process and documentation for their portfolio.

Link to Pedestrian Crossing page of the Seattle Right-of-Way Improvement Manual

Time commitment:

  • Term 1 year with option to extend depending on the project needs and permitting process

  • Attendance of Monthly Board meetings 1.5 hours each plus one all day retreat a year

  • Attendance at community engagement meetings as needed to complete the project

  • Outside of meetings, the Artist in Residency will spend time on the project creation, documentation, and implementation

  • Quarterly meeting with a UACC board member for mentorship and career development support

  • We estimate an average of 10 hours per month of time commitment


Each quarter the artist will be paid a stipend of $750.00 for the duration of the residency.

For more information and to apply click here!