Clayoquot Sound

Clayoquot Sound is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island in the Canadian province of British Columbia.  It is bordered by the Esowista Peninsula to the south, and the Hesquiaht Peninsula to the North.  Major inlets include Sydney Inlet, Shelter Inlet, Herbert Inlet, Bedwell Inlet, Lemmens Inlet, and Tofino Inlet.  Major islands include Flores Island, Vargas Island, and Meares Island.  Clayoquot Sound may be best known for the logging protests which occurred there in the 1980’s.  Today it is best visited from the town of Tofino.  AOG recommends visiting our friends at the Tofino Botanical Gardens.

The fjords of Clayoquot Sound contain multiple anoxic basins.  AOG has been evaluating these basins every September since 1999 and maintains a multi-year record of sinking particle rates and water conditions for that month.

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