Get included in a national robotic resource map and gain early website access

Help build a national robotic resource map if you are an advanced manufacturing or educational organization aiming to develop a highly skilled robotic workforce through training, certificate and apprenticeship programs, internships, and advanced degrees in the states of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Alaska.

The National Institute Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) aims to provide the first nationwide online resource specific to robotics career pathways for Industry 4.0.

“The U.S. manufacturing sector faced significant challenges prior to the pandemic, which will be compounded by COVID-19’s lingering effects.”- ARM

The sudden unemployment and displacement of highly skilled workers paired with the need to rapidly upskill workers to participate in re-shoring efforts, pose major challenges to the advanced manufacturing environment that will depend on a coordinated national effort for success.

Closely coordinating with the nation’s leading organization in robotics and workforce innovation, we are a group in American Northwest working with other regional teams to map the resources for robotic training in manufacturing environments across the United States.

A union of efforts between academia and industry

This national effort brings together leaders in the aerospace industry, university scholars, regional Manufacturing Extension Partnerships (MEPs), and small business, integrating expertise in automation, robot applications, data collection, and data validation to help your robotic resource training.

Part of a national resource map

As part of a national initiative by the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute (ARM), a federally sponsored Manufacturing USA Institute, we work with excellent teams at other regions aiming to foster a next-generation workforce and to advance robotics for a better future. To learn more about the initiative, watch an ARM Exchange Panel Discussion: Industry 4.0 Career Pathways – Tomorrow is Now Today.

How to participate

We are collecting data through surveys and questionnaires to map robotic training resources along the pipeline of workforce development including (i) STEM and higher education, (ii) professional training and regional networks, (iii) online courses and existing datasets, and (iv) corporate training programs and beyond. Contact us below with your organizational information and your interest to participate, and we will get in touch.