Bodemer Interprofessional Ethics Lab

The Charles W. Bodemer Lectureship honors groundbreaking labors in the development of biomedical sciences, medical history, and ethics at the University of Washington. Dr. Bodemer was an Associate Dean of the UW School of Medicine and founded the Department of Biomedical History in 1967.

In 2018, the Bodemer Interprofessional Ethics Lab was established in collaboration with the UW Center for Health Sciences Interprofessional Education, Research & Practice.  These events are held up to three times per year, and feature evening seminars of current ethical issues in healthcare and science with small group breakout discussions.


2022-2023 Event Schedule 

All 2022-2023 sessions are held via Zoom by 5:30-7:30pm PST. Click here to register!

  • Tuesday November 22, 2022: When Patients Refuse Recommended Medical Interventions
  • Tuesday January 24, 2023: Ethical Considerations Surrounding Brain Death
  • Tuesday March 28, 2023: Patients who want “Everything Done” – Futility and Medically Inappropriate Interventions