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Chicano/a Movement in Washington

El Centro de la Raza

News Coverage

Here is a digital archive of articles published in the UW Daily and other local newspapers between 1968 and 1979 on the founding and operation of El Centro de la Raza (click the titles to read the articles).

Francesca Barajas initiated this database with help from Michael Schulze-Oechtering Castañeda. These articles are courtesy of the UW Daily, Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Year Publication Article
12-Oct-72 Daily Chicano/Latino's seize old city grade school
12-Oct-72 Seattle PI Chicanos Occupy Beacon School
12-Oct-72 Seattle Times Chicano School take-over spurs city into action
13-Oct-72 Daily Beacon Hill School, in need of necessities
13-Oct-72 Seattle PI Bottomly will Appraise School for Possible use by Chicanos
13-Oct-72 Seattle Times $18,000 to renovate Chicano school site
14-Oct-72 Seattle PI Six Councilmen back use of school for Chicanos 
15-Oct-72 Seattle Times Take-over on Beacon Hill: Chicanos achieve sense of community
16-Oct-72 Seattle PI City's Invisible Minority Surfaces
17-Oct-72 Daily Life comes to Beacon Hill
17-Oct-72 Seattle PI Old school Leased for Chicano Center
17-Oct-72 Seattle Times City to lease school to Chicanos
19-Oct-72 Seattle PI Chicanos cheer school board
20-Oct-72 Seattle PI Chilly Chicanos Wait it Out
21-Oct-72 Seattle Times Human rights group backs Chicanos
22-Oct-72 Seattle Times Chicanos Were Following Slogan 'power to the people'
24-Oct-72 Seattle Times Chicanos Discuss Prisoners' Union
26-Oct-72 Seattle PI City Council committee votes to lease school for Chicano center
26-Oct-72 Seattle Times Council unit votes no on leasing school 
29-Oct-72 Seattle Times Chicano bid for school hits snag
30-Oct-72 Seattle Times Rally shows support for Chicano effort
7-Nov-72 Seattle Times Chicanos: bitterness voiced at council delay on lease
10-Nov-72 Daily Council on Beacon Hill
11-Nov-72 Seattle PI Chicanos take over city council's chairs
11-Nov-72 Seattle PI Chicanos take over city council's chairs (cont'd)
11-Nov Seattle PI councils knuckles wraped
14-Nov-72 Daily Chicanos not happy with council 
15-Nov-72 Seattle Times City Council is stalling in dispute with Chicanos, church group agrees
17-Nov-72 Seattle PI Chicano La Fiesta to boost Beacon Center
29-Nov-72 Seattle Times Chicanos can legally lease old school building 
8-Dec-72 Seattle Times School occupied by Chicanos is unheated
14-Dec-72 Seattle PI Chicanos School offered to City
29-Dec-72 Seattle PI Bilingual Center Dilemma
31-Dec-72 Seattle Times Seattle Chicano leader is a 'practical idealist'
5-Jan-73 Daily El Centro Lettuce Boycott Effort Starts
9-Mar-73 Seattle PI $87,000 grant for Chicano center
19-Mar-73 Seattle Times Chicano center gets finak OK
6-Apr-73 Seattle PI 18 cited after Uhlman office sit-in
6-Apr-73 Seattle PI 18 cited after Uhlman office sit-in (cont'd)
6-Apr-73 Seattle Times 18 arrests end Chicano sit-in
8-Apr-73 Seattle Times Planned Chicano center has no lease on life yet
11-Apr-73 Seattle Times New Chicano protes staged at City Hall
3-May-73 Daily Social service center to serve "whole" people
11-Oct-73 Daily Chicano Centro plans "sleep in"
12-Dec-73 Daily El Centro De La Raza provides for the people
5-Mar-74 Daily El Centro offers family counseling, employment advice, and other services
4-Apr-74 Daily City declares El Centro "Unlawful to Occupy"
11-Apr Daily City takes no action on its eviction notice of El Centro
6-Jun-74 Seattle Times Chicanos demand funds for center from city
12-Jun-74 Seattle PI Chicano center priority: 'low'
12-Jun-74 Seattle Times Chicano-center funding weighed
21-Jun-74 Seattle PI Chicano center funds Ok'd
16-Jul-74 Seattle PI Chicano center, monorail repair funds approved
16-Jul-74 Seattle Times Chicano center to get additional $46,800
15-Aug-74 Seattle PI City schools to expand, enrich bilingual education
23-Jan-77 Seattle Times Bilingual Teaching is "in" at el Centro Day care
5-Apr-77 Seattle Times El Centro- Shotgun blast spoiled take-over says protesters 
7-Apr-77 Seattle Times El centro- Complaints 'a surprise' to Chicano official
4-Jun-77 Seattle PI El centro- Seattle chicano group to picket El Centro
5-Mar-78 Seattle Times El Centro- Employees to control center for Chicanos
28-Jun-78 Seattle PI El centro helps all nationalities (editorial by R. Maestas of the center) 
2-May-79 Seattle PI El Centro's $173,000 transfusion
2-May-79 Seattle Times Chicano-center funds released