CMB Training Program

Training Outcomes

The CMB Training Program is successful in its preparation of trainees for careers in the biomedical workforce.

Over the past 10 years, 94.3% of CMB Trainees have completed their PhD degrees in an average of 5.63±0.05 years. Trainees have an average of 4.8±0.27 publications and an average of 2.0 ±0.10 first author publications.

For trainees finishing the program over the past 5 years, 64% of trainees are continuing their training as postdoctoral fellows, 18% in Research Intensive and 15% in research-related careers, with 3% in other areas.

The CMB Training Program is committed to training students from diverse backgrounds. 20% of entrants are under-represented students. There is no difference in outcomes, completing training in 5.65±0.16 years.