CMB Training Program

Training Outcomes

The CMB Training Program is successful in its preparation of trainees for careers in the biomedical workforce.

Of trainees who entered the program 10 years ago, 82.3% completed their PhD degree. Over the past 15 year, all trainees completed their degree by an average of 5.7 years. Trainees have an average of 4.2 publications and an average of 2.0 first author publications.

Trainees have continued with careers in science. Over the last 15 years, 182 trainees have completed their training. Of those former trainees, 94% are in research-related careers: 46% are in careers primarily research, 18% in research-related careers, 9% primarily teaching, 21% in further training.

The CMB Training Program is committed to training students from diverse backgrounds. Over the past 10 years, 18% of entrants are under-represented students. There is no difference in outcomes, completing training in 5.7 years.