Punch Permutations

There’s more to punch than the bright red, sugary juice you grew up drinking. In its origins, punch was potent. Manly men drank it because of its high alcohol content and high society embraced it for its social prestige. 17th century sailors crafted these punches following a rhyme: “One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, and four of weak, plus a little spice.

By embracing a ratio of flavors, rather than specific ingredients, punch becomes a canvas to explore a wide variety of taste combinations. To facilitate this exploration, we’ve created five dice, each cube representing a flavor profile in the punch shanty. Just simply roll the dice, match up the slots and create a completely randomized punch.

Dan Doan


Vive is a smart wearable, with integrated sensors that monitor the wearer’s biometrics related to alcohol consumption and keeps them synced up to their friends so they can know if something’s wrong. It is designed to be desirable to young people to keep them safe and connected as they party. Vive attempts to intervene earlier in the sexual assault timeline in the crucial moments before an individual has been removed from the safety of their social network.

Additional Contributors:
Abigail Steinem
Courtney Dutton
Gwenyth Hardiman

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Flushing Forests

27,000 trees worth of toilet paper are used every day to wipe our bottoms. The average American uses up 50 pounds or 3.1 miles of toilet paper a year. Flushing Forests is a toilet paper dispenser intended for public restrooms to raise awareness and reduce the amount of toilet paper used, through audio feedback and public sham.. Leveraging the Arduino platform, the dispenser counts the number of sheets pulled and provides audio feedback to indicate your impact on the environment. To create an emotional connection to the environment, chainsaw sounds are played to signify the cutting down of trees when the user pulls more than the recommended amount. Conversely, pleasant nature sounds are played when the user is below the threshold.

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