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Interaction Design
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The Plan

Death is a looming presence and a taboo topic in our society. This has led to a stagnation in the ways we view and deal with death planning and the dead themselves. A side-effect of this lack of innovation are the current environmentally unsound and unsustainable burial methods. Aside from the environmental impacts, this fear of talking about death results in poor planing. This lack of vigilance ultimately places a heavy burden onto grieving kin.

The Plan alleviates this burden. It promotes sustainable burial methods and helps a person develop their personal after-death plan. When the time comes, The Plan’s service handles the unpleasant details and leaves the loved ones to start their recovery without the added stress.



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UW Spark is a series of skill-share workshops put on by students for students.

Through Spark, students can propose and host a class to teach anything topic they’re passionate about. Students can participate in classes with an wide array of topics, from dance to hand lettering.

The program provides an outlet for students to socialize, collaborate and have fun across all Design disciplines. It aims to encourage cross-training and friendship within the Design Program. Next year, Spark’s torch will be passed on to another design student in collaboration with AIGA, IxDA and IDSA leadership to promote education and creativity for all!

Eventually, the Spark program aims to expand campus-wide and offer classes for and from students of various interdisciplinary studies.

Special thanks to Paige Kwon (VCD) & Julian Stickley (ID)

Madeleine Harrison


Wingtip is the next generation of ID card embedded Conversational User Interface. It shortens the learning curve and helps students smoothly adapt into their new college environment by providing them with a support system and access to resources within the community. Wingtip can be use at other colleges or any campus based organizations to help highlight their awesome resources and adapt the new-comers seamlessly. Wingtip is a student’s first friend at college!

Team Members:
Summer Shang
Natalie Huang
Mingxiao Hu
Madeleine Harrison
Olivia Rao

Team Members


Currently 8.5 million US citizens are unemployed. We wanted to learn more about the contextual disability of unemployment. We learned that giving people skills is more valuable than placing them in jobs. We created elevate to give people the tools and resources they need to enter the workforce.

Elevate lives on a truck which is the platform for all of our services. Elevate offers workshops such as interview skills and resume building. Also, Elevate provides mentors that help with connections, support, and guidance. The elevate truck lives in a warehouse and it provides an address for job application. Elevate goes to different locations to meet the needs of different types of people, it’s a service that comes to you.

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