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My peer-reviewed publications are indexed in Google Scholar. See my Google Scholar profile here.
Reprints of all publications are available upon request.

Other selected publications (i.e., book chapters, government reports) are as follows:

Tobin PC, Liebhold AM, Roberts EA, Blackburn LM (2015) Estimating spread rates of non-native species: the gypsy moth as a case study. Invasive Alien Species: Pest Risk Modelling and Mapping, R Venette (Ed.), CABI, pp. 131-144.

Tobin PC, Parry D, Aukema BH (2014) The influence of climate change on insect invasions in temperate forest ecosystems. Challenges and Opportunities for the World’s Forests in the 21st Century, T Fenning (Ed.), Springer, pp. 267-296 (ISBN: 978-94-007-7075-1).

Tobin PC, Blackburn LM, Fleischer SJ, Roberts EA (2011) Population ecology considerations for monitoring and managing biological invasions. GIS Applications in Agriculture: Invasive Species, S Clay (Ed.), pp. 29-58, CRC Press (ISBN: 978-1-4200-7880-0).

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Blackburn LM, Leonard DS, Tobin PC (2011) The use of Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki for managing gypsy moth populations under the Slow-the-Spread program, 1996-2010, relative to the distributional range of threatened and endangered species. USDA Forest Service, Research Paper NRS-18.

Klepzig K, Poland TM, Gillette N, Haack R, Keena MA, Miller D, Montgomery ME, Seybold SJ, Tobin PC (2010) Forest Service R&D – Invasive Insects: Visions for the Future, In ME Dix and K Britton (Eds.), A Dynamic Invasive Species Research Vision: Opportunities and Priorities 2009-29, USDA Forest Service, General Technical Report WO-79, pp. 13-21.

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Tobin PC (2008) Cost analysis and biological ramifications for implementing the gypsy moth Slow-the-Spread Program. USDA Forest Service, General Technical Report NRS-37.

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