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MonitorGui : JITGui : Object

display and control a Monitor


MonitorGui displays the state of a NodeProxy's Monitor. It is used in NdefGui, ProxyMixer, and NdefMixer.

First examples

Class Methods

Creation, parent, bounds, makeSkip: true, options: [ ])



the nodeproxy whose monitor state will be shown, or nil.


a parent view where MonitorGui is to be shown. If nil, a window is made.


bounds where the view (or window) will be shown.


a flag whether to create and start a SkipJack for auto-updating.


an array of symbols for options of what to display.

Class Variables


MonitorGui.lastOutBus = value

the highest outbus number to allow. Default is 99.

Inherited class methods

Instance Methods

Instance Variables


From superclass: JITGui

some information on what to display


an EZSlider for Monitor volume


a play button. Shift-click opens a dialog window for playN output routing by code


a numberbox to set output routing


a numberbox for setting monitor fadeTime.

Some Methods

Making various gui elements:


.makeVol(width, height)

.makeNameView(width, height)

.makePlayOut(playWid, outWid, height)

.makeFade(width: 60, height: 18)

Standard JITGui methods:


create default layout sizes


accepts nil or NodeProxy


get the object's current state


compare previous state with current state, and update gui elements.

Inherited instance methods