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ProxyMixer : JITGui : Object

mix control for a proxyspace or Ndef.all
Subclasses: NdefMixer


ProxyMixer provides controls for handling and editing the node proxies in a proxyspace and their monitors (cross-platform graphics). It replaces the earlier ProxyMixer class. For Ndefs, use NdefMixer.

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Class Methods

Creation, numItems: 16, parent, bounds, makeSkip: true, options)



the proxyspace to show and control


how many ar and kr proxies can be shown


by default nil, so a window is made automatically. if a parent is supplied, the ProxyMixer will be shown there.


window bounds - default is nil, so it determines it size.


a flag whether to make make a skipjack


additional settings - currently none provided.

ProxyMixer.small(obj, numItems: 16, parent, bounds, makeSkip: true)

like *new, but creates a proxyMixer for small screen sizes.

Inherited class methods

Instance Methods

Instance variables

GUI areas and elements:









current state and access methods:


.proxyspace = obj











Instance methods

.highlight(index, prefix)


highlight and unhighlight an arGui slot in the arZone (left)

.highlightSlots(parOffset, num, highNames: [ ], clearOthers: true)

highlight a block of the arGuis in the arZone/


.switchSize(index, hideZones: false)

switch between display modes 0: ar, 1: ar+kr, 2: ar+kr+ed



if too many proxies are present, by how much to rotate arKeys or krKeys to display.


get the proxymixer window title.


From extension in /SuperCollider/Contents/Resources/SCClassLibrary/JITLib/GUI/

gets current left border of nameView

.setNameLeftBorder(xpos: 250)

From extension in /SuperCollider/Contents/Resources/SCClassLibrary/JITLib/GUI/

sets current left border of nameView, trading size with volume slider

.shiftNameLeftBorder(x: 0)

From extension in /SuperCollider/Contents/Resources/SCClassLibrary/JITLib/GUI/

shifts current left border of nameView

Inherited instance methods

Undocumented instance methods



.enableNameResize(flag: true)

From extension in /SuperCollider/Contents/Resources/SCClassLibrary/JITLib/GUI/


.makeArZone(isSmall: false)






From extension in /SuperCollider/Contents/Resources/SCClassLibrary/JITLib/GUI/


.setEdButs(isSmall: false)