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SmoothRangeSlider : SmoothSlider : RoundView : UserViewHolder : ViewHolder2 : Object

(Undocumented class)
Subclasses: RoundRangeSlider


This class is missing documentation.

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Instance Methods

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.activeCenter = center

.activeHi = hi

.activeLo = lo

.activeRange = range


.center = center

.clipValue(active: true)




.hi = hi

.init(parent, bounds)

.keyDown(char, modifiers, unicode, keycode)


.lo = lo


.maxRange = value


.minRange = value

.mouseDown(x, y, modifiers, buttonNumber, clickCount)

.mouseMove(x, y, modifiers)

.mouseUp(x, y, modifiers, buttonNumber)


.prRange(range, val)


.range = range


.rangeMode = value

.setDeviation(deviation, average)

.setSpan(lo, hi)

.setSpanActive_(lo, hi)


.value = val

From superclass: SmoothSlider

.valueAction = val

.xyToPos(x, y)

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