Genus Lagena


 Lagena Walker and Boys, 1784


Description from Cushman (1913): Test monothalamous, smooth or ornamented, generally flask-shaped, aperture ecto-or entosolenian.

However, Patterson and Richardson (1987) re-examined all the unilocular foraminifera and proposed three subfamilies within the Family Lagena.  Subfamily Lagenninae comprising the genera Lagena and Procerolagena, is characterized by the lack of an entrosolenian tube, circular aperture, and the wall having a single layer of calcite.


Description of Lagena by Patterson and Richardson (1987): Test with a globular, costate test and a perforate wall.



Lagena striata (d’Orbigny 1839)


Oolina striata d’Orbigny, 1839

Lagena striata (d’Orbigny, 1839) Cushman, 1933, p. 32, pl. 8, figs. 11, 13; Cushman and McCulloch, 1950, p.  350, pl. 47, figs. 104; Todd and Low, 1947, p. A25, pl. 3, fig. 20; McGann, 2007, p. 65, pl. 10, fig. A.


Description: Test globular, subspherical, translucent, thin, very finely striated lengthwise, a long neck, rounded base. Aperture at end of neck, with a long cylindrical tube.

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Lagena pliocenica Cushman and Gray, 1946


Lagena pliocenica Cushman and Gray, 1946, p. 68, pl. 12, fig. 22-25; Cushman and Todd, 1947, p. 11, pl. 1, fig. 30; Todd and Low, 1967, p. A25, pl. 3, fig. 9; McGann, 2007, p. 65, pl. 10, fig. B.

Description: Test with main portion roughly triangular in longitudinal section, the sides slightly convex and the greatest width near the base; wall of the middle portion smooth but with fine granular appearances and nearly opaque; base with a few raised costae radiating out from the center of the lower face; apertural end with an elongate tapering neck, ornamented with longitudinal costae occasionally tending to become slightly spiral. Length 0.30-0.40 mm, diameter 0.25-0.30 mm

Distribution: Cushman and Gray (1946) note that Lagena pliocenica is found on the Washington coast and in Puget Sound around the San Juan Island.  In this current study of Puget Sound species, this species has been recorded in Possession Sound.

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Lagena perlucida (Montagu, 1803)

Lagena perlucida Cushman 1933, p. 20, pl. 4, figs. 6-8; Cushman and McCulloch, 1950, pp. 342-342, pl. 46, figs. 1, 2.

Description. Specimens from Puget Sound match those of Lagena perlucida illustrated by Cushman (1933) and Cushman and McCulloch (1950). The derivation of this species is Vermicululm perlucidum Montagu (1803) but the specimen illustrated by Montagu is different.

Cushman and McCulloch (1950) used the following description for their figured specimens: a flask-shaped test with a short cylindrical neck, and slightly developed lip, the base slightly truncate and the test thin and smooth with the exception of a series of short, longitudinal costae near the base of the test.

Distribution: Lagena perlucida is rare in Puget Sound and has been recorded from Lynch Cove at the distal end of Hood Canal.

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