Genus Triloculina


Triloculina bellatula Bandy, 1956

Triloculina bellatula Bandy, 1956, p. 198, pl. 29, fig. 11.

Quinqueloculina bellatula (Bandy); Lankford and Phleger, 1973, p. 125, pl. 2, figs. 7a, b; McGann, 2007, p. 58, pl. 9, fig. HH.
Description:  Test elongate in side view, breadth about three-fifths of length; edges rounded in apertural view; chambers distinct; wall calcareous with arenaecous coating;  apertural end does not project beyond the test; aperture circular with small bifid tooth. Length 0.55 mm; breadth 0.30 mm; thickness 0.20 mm.
Remarks: This species is different from Quinqueloculina akneriana d’Orbigny var. bellatula Bandy, 1950, which has a simple tooth. Bandy (1956) named this species from specimens collected off the west coast of Florida and he noted that it is rare in his study of foraminifera from the Gulf Coast
DistributionT. bellatula has been recorded from Hood Canal.