The Headache Clinic at UWMC-Roosevelt


HeartMath® for Stres​s Management ​/ Biofeedback

Stress affects the entire body and can cause physical and psychological problems. Overtime, unchecked stress can cause the body to stay in a constant and chronic state of stress promoting migraines, fatigue and illness. Research has demonstrated several types of biofeedback practices can be helpful to reduce stress and regulate heart rate variability.

In this class you will discover your stress baseline through using HeartMath® electronic educational learning devices. After practicing several HeartMath® stress management techniques, you will be able to monitor your progress by checking your stress baseline and heart rhythm patterns with educational learning device while in class. It is fun, effective and easy to learn.​


Nutrition for Headache Relief Shared Visit

Nutrition is very important for people with headaches. Most people have noticed that there are certain foods that trigger their headaches but there is so much much more to learn! This class provides an interactive group format to learn the latest scientifically tested information on the relationship between brain health and diet, and specific nutritional concepts important for managing headaches, including anti-inflammatory diets, the microbiome, and more. Come with all your questions and an open mind!

Headache Clinic Seminar

We treat migraine and other headache disorders with a multi-modal approach. We place emphasis on you, the whole person. We stress the importance of good sleep, nutrition, exercise, and decreasing perception of stress in conjunction with other therapies such as medications, Botox, nerve blocks, and neurostimulator devices. We use the latest available treatments. We know from experience that the best outcomes are obtained using multiple approaches combined at the same time. We take a team approach in treating headache and headache related conditions. We partner with you in developing your treatment. Our focus is to improve your quality of life and strive to improve your brain function and reduce headache pain and suffering.

Download the Headache-Seminar Brochure

What is the purpose of the Headache Seminar?

The goal of our seminar is to explain our treatment program and what you can expect at the Headache Clinic. Successful treatment takes a commitment from both you and your medical team, and by outlining expectations upfront you can determine if our treatment plan is the right fit for you.

Why should I attend?

Attending this seminar is the first step to enter our headache treatment program. By attending you are confirming your interest in our program.

What will I learn?

In addition to general headache education, you will walk away with an understanding of the following steps of the program:

  1. Complete RED CAP online questionnaire.
  2. Schedule first appointment with your headache team to establish diagnosis and treatment plan.
  3. Attend Shared Medical Visits.
  4. Follow up with your headache expert to develop a successful and realistic treatment plan.

What can I expect after attending seminar?

Your first appointment with your headache team will be booked within 2-3 weeks of attending the seminar. Your appointment will be confirmed via eCare.

Date & Time: 3rd Wednesday of each month; 6-7pm

4/18 – 6-7p.m.
5/16 – 6-7p.m.
6/20 – 6-7p.m.
7/18 – 6-7p.m.

8/15 – 6-7p.m.
9/19 – 6-7p.m.
10/17 – 6-7p.m.
11/21 – 6-7p.m.


University of Washington Medical Center
1959 NE Pacific St, Seattle, WA 98195
Plaza Cafe Conference Rooms A & B


  • The Plaza Cafe is located on the first floor of the University of Washington Medical Center.
  • From the hospital's main entrance on the third floor take a right and continue to the end of the large main hallway.
  • On your left are the Pacific Elevators. Take the Pacific Elevators to the first floor.
  • On the first floor, after exiting the elevators, take a left and the entrance to the Plaza Cafe will be on your left hand side.
  • Enter through the turnstiles, walk through the cafeteria, and out past the cashiers.
  • Turn left directly after passing the cashiers.
  • Follow the tiled walkway and the conference rooms will be on your left hand side.
  • If you have questions regarding directions please call 206-598-6950.

Free seminar & 5$ parking is avaliable at the UW Medical Center Triangle Parking Garage. Plan for 20 min to park and locate the seminar room.

Sleep Shared Visit​

This is a 3 part series where patients with chronic migraines and insomnia, meet once in 2 weeks consecutively for 3 sessions. Sessions are interactive, guided by power point talking points, led by Mui Chan-Goh, A.R.N.P.​

Please complete this survey prior to your Sleep Shared Visit at the ​Headache Clinic.​