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Pan-Hispanic Ballad Project

A Cross-Reference of Ballad Classification Systems (Catalog / Index Numbers)

For any Pan-Hispanic Ballad, enter its assigned number in any one of the publications listed below to retrieve the corresponding numbers used in the others (and in other catalogs and indexes).

Petersen / SMP IGR #   (Click here to find)
                      (4 digits: 0075, 2142, etc. [will include contrafacta])
Armistead. Cat.-Índice del R° Jud.-esp. en el AMP #
          (usually 2-3 chars.: B2, X17, etc.)
Fontes. R° Port. e Brasileiro.Índice Temático e Bib #
          (usually 2-3 chars.: C4, M10, etc.)
DiFranco - Labrador. Bibliografía de la Poesía &Áurea #
(5 digits )
Wolf-Hofmann 1856. Primavera y flor de romances #
          (usually 1-3 chars.=> 6, 30b, etc. )
Durán 1849-1850. Romancero general. Vols I & II #
                                   (usually 1-4 digits: 147, 1023, etc. [incomplete] )
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