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2000: Wolf-Hofmann, Primavera y flor de romances (248 texts);   Catalog of Luso-Brazilian Ballads;   Sephardic Collection; first 30 Ballads with music online;   Alphabetical List of ballads in the database, of First verses, and other dynamic lists; Preliminary searches (including searches by major thematic categories: historical ballads, biblical ballads, Carolingian ballads, etc.).
2000-2001: Approximately 200 audio clips (mp3 files) that accompany their respective texts.
2001: Approx. 500 additional versions including the Vicuña Cifuentes collection (Chile, 1912).
2002: Approx. 600 versions of La Condesita in anticipation of forthcoming textual (analytical) querying capabilities.
2003: 500 additional versions including G. Beutler's collection (Colombia); a Catalan collection (J. Verdaguer / GRFO y S. Rebés); and online implementation of Harriet Goldberg's Motif-Index of Folk Narratives in the Pan-Hispanic Romancero (see Motif Index).
2004: 550 additional versions, including Cossío y Solano's Romancero de la Montaña and Fraile Gil's Romances de Salio (text and music); Vilela's Romanceiro Alagoano, Antonio Bustelo's Morroccan Sephardic collection, and the first of the ballads in Milà's 1882 Romancerillo.
2005: Remainder of the Romancerillo collection and expanded, revised Catalonian ballad titles list [& IGR numbers update].
2006: The entire modern oral Portuguese ballad collection (all texts published between 1828-1960) (see acknowledgements .)
2007-: Ongoing expansion of online archives and updation of software and query tools.

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