Welcome to the Internal Medicine WWAMI web site. This site was created in March 2007 to provide a central source of information on WWAMI teaching programs within the Department of Medicine. Currently, there are three major sections:

The first two components are pretty obvious. General information about WWAMI includes a recording of the talk I give in Seattle to introduce WWAMI, and miscellaneous information. The site descriptions are organized by state: start by choosing a state from the list to the left, then pick a site to read about.

The WWAMI blog is a place to put photos and stories from your WWAMI experiences. Its success depends on your participation! Remember, these posts are visible to everyone, so please don’t put identifiable patient information in the blog.

I strongly encourage comments on the site–this is a work in progress, and would benefit from your input! If you’re commenting on people’s blog posts, be generous; if you’re commenting on my site descriptions or any other “official” information on the site, be ruthless. Comments that point out errors or issues will be deleted once the issue is addressed. I also reserve the right to delete comments that I see as inappropriate or inflammatory.

I hope you find this site helpful–please post a comment if you don’t!

Chris Knight, MD
Director, WWAMI Regional Community Based Education in Internal Medicine

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