May 19, 2017

Congratulations to Laurén Gómez, Jill Neary and Beatrice Wamuti for their Achievement of Global Health Awards

By Sarah Huffman

Congratulations to Laurén Gómez, Jill Neary and Beatrice Wamuti for their hard work and achievement of Global Health Awards!

Laurén, under the mentorship of Sarah Benki-Nugent, achieved the Discovery and Development Global Healthie Award.

Jill, under the mentorship of Jenn Slyker, achieved the Implementation and Application Global Healthie Award.

Beatrice won the Oscar Gish award, which was granted to the individual that most impacted health equity and social justice.

Also, congratulations to Irene Njuguna, who won the School of Public Health Gilbert Ommen Award for MPH

For more information about the Global Healthie awards and the achievements of Laurén, Jill and Beatrice please visit the Department of Global Health web page.

global healthies pic