JSIS Correspondence is a place to give the public a window into what happens in the Jackson School. It is a venue for any member of our community to highlight experiences s/he has had abroad or at home that is connected to the Jackson School. This includes experiences such as study abroad experiences, general traveling, conference trips, internships, and research. We also welcome cross-posts from other sources and opportunities to highlight programming in any JSIS unit.

Submissions to JSIS Correspondence are accepted from any Jackson School student, faculty, staff, or alumnus. Students participating in JSIS lead, taught, or sponsored experiences are also welcome to contribute. We also welcome submissions from any member of the JSIS community, including people who are affiliated with JSIS research centers or programs in other ways. (For example, we welcome contributions from people involved in JSIS through funding such as the FLAS or who have JSIS faculty on their Ph.D. or M.A. committees.)

In addition to people who are currently abroad or engaged in an interesting experience, community members who have had a noteworthy experience in the past are also invited to submit stories of their experiences.

Accepted stories must have some connection to major social, political, economic, or cultural themes and tend fall into one of the following categories:

  • “On the ground” descriptions of major world events by an individual who is there while they are happening or who has unique insight into the event based on his/her credentials,
  • Accounts of cultural events with historical context,
  • Commentary by an expert on a major world event,
  • Discussion of research experience,
  • Discussion of a JSIS learning experience or opportunity,
  • Account of a post-graduation experience or job that is related to the degree experience.

Accepted stories usually do not:

  • Describe a place/institutions/history without an account of personal experience and observation;
  • Describe new contexts or experiences without connection to major social, political, economic, or cultural themes.
  • Describe a personal experience in personal terms.


  • Stories tend to be between 500-3,000 words.
  • Stories are always accompanied by images.
  • Stories always have a personal aspect to them.
  • Stories always cite sources, including photographs.
  • Stories are carefully proofread.

Interested contributors should read through  currently posted stories on the website as they are the best guide for formatting and writing style.

We welcome collaborations with other JSIS run courses and units. We also are open to helping instructors taking students abroad use the blog as a place to integrate a formal public writing experience into their courses or providing a venue for a close-up focus on a JSIS event or project.

Anyone who would like to contribute should contact Jessica Beyer at know [at] uw [dot] edu for more information. You are welcome to either submit a fully complete story with images for consideration or begin a conversation with JSIS Correspondence about a potential post.