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What What 1 Basic description of the phenomenon soil liquefaction. An animation and a video are presented to clarify the description.
What 2 The concepts of Flow Liquefaction and Cyclic Mobility are introduced with some photos illustrating the effects.
When When 1 Historical Earthquakes where liquefaction has been observed.
   Cracked highway
   Radio announcement
Alaska earthquake 1964. Photos of destruction and an explanation of liquefaction caused failures. The thoughts of a radio announcer during the earthquake gives a feeling of the experience of a major earthquake.
Kobe Photos of destruction during the Great Hanshin earthquake 1995
Loma Prieta Loma Prieta earthquake 1989. Photos of liquefaction caused sandboils.
Niigata The 1964 earthquake in Niigata, Japan. Photos of spectacular liquefaction caused failures.
Where Where 1 Locations where liquefaction can occur including photos.
Why Why 1 Explanation of the liquefaction phenomenon.
Why 2 Explanation of flow liquefaction and cyclic mobility and the differences between them.
How How
Three possibilities to avoid liquefaction problems are described.
   Susceptibility 1 Criteria for liquefaction susceptible soils are discussed.
   Susceptibility 2 Geotechnical Criteria for liquefaction susceptible soils.
   Resistant Structures Design aspects of liquefaction resistant foundations.
   Soil Improvement Various types of soil improvement techniques are presented.
Research Research links Links to web sites on soil liquefaction research.
Links Earthquake Links Link to web site with earthquake and liquefaction information.

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