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Example Case Studies

Example Case Studies

To look into more detail of materials engineering by choosing one of the case studies topics and/or application design. Select the link underneath the case study description that interests you most.

Auto Engine: The case study investigates different components of the internal combustion engine. Considering the various material properties required for different parts of the engine. Some focus on metal alloying and designations.

|  Automotive Engine Parts Case Study   |  

Batteries: This case study focuses batteries through definitions, classification, and applications. Excellence definition of terms, stressing the importance of chemical reactions.

|  Battery Case Study  |

Bicycle Materials: Description of bicycle parts and the selection of materials for those parts. Heavy emphasis on the material selection process and some physical principles.

|   Bicycle Materials Case Study   |

Computers: The case study introduces computers and defines the major parts. Relates how semiconductors are used and how they work.

|   Computers Case Study   |  

Memory Metals: Discover what memory metals are and some applications. Major focus on phases of materials and their chemical composition.

|   Memory Metals Case Study   |   

Space Shuttle Tiles: In-depth description of the space shuttle tiles. Relates the importance of ceramic processing and material engineering.

|   Space Shuttle Tiles Case Study   |


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