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What is Material Science & Engineering?

Material Science & Engineering is the scientific study of materials and their properties for future engineering design and improvement. Materials Science is concerned with investigating the relationships between the structure and properties of materials. Materials Engineering is concerned with the design (engineering) of the structure of materials to produce a predetermined set of properties.

All engineers are involved with materials on a daily basis. Engineers must select the proper materials to successfully design and construct components or structures. It is the job of Materials Scientists and Engineers to thoroughly investigate the properties of materials, analyze failures of materials in a particular application, and create new materials to meet the needs of new inventive concepts and products.

Why is Material Science & Engineering important?

The study and design of Materials is very important because the use of materials is the foundation to civilization for the whole industrial world. We rely on materials in every part of our life.

Think of the car you drive, the bicycle you ride, and the bridges you cross; these are all based on materials designed by engineers. We rely on materials in every aspect of our life; they are the foundation to civilization for the whole industrial world.

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