Neuroscience is a space constrained undergraduate program.  To apply, students must complete Biology 180,200, 220 at U of W or an equivalent sequence.  Typically students will have completed Chemistry and Math in addition to their Biology prior to applying to the major, though this is not required.  A minimum GPA of 2.5 in the supporting coursework that has been completed is required and individual grades in Biology 180,200,220 of 2.0 or higher.  These grades do not guarantee acceptance into the major, it is expected that grades of accepted students will be higher.  The annual application deadline is the second Friday in October.  Admissions will be completed prior to the beginning of Winter Quarter registration each year. Biology 180,200,220 are the only courses required to apply to the major.

The admissions committee reviews all applicants based on the following criteria: preparation for the major as indicated by grades in all courses required for admission; overall GPA; personal statement reflecting interest in and commitment to the study of neuroscience.  Our admissions process is holistic, all who are interested are welcome to apply. Please note due to University of Washington and the College of Arts and Sciences satisfactory progress policy, candidates with extremely high overall credit totals and quarters of college completed may not be eligible for acceptance.  Application forms are available here or on our application link.  Students who require an early decision (e.g. for financial aid or visa requirements) should consult program staff.  Please note all students will be required to pay an additional lab fee of $110.00 for both NEUSCI 301 and NEUSCI 302.