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The Performance Based Risk Sharing (PBRS) web-enabled database is designed to be an up-to-date resource on performance-based risk sharing arrangements (also known as patient access schemes, market access agreements, and managed entry agreements, among others). The database was developed by the Comparative Health Outcomes, Policy, and Economics (CHOICE) Institute | Performance Based Risk Sharing Database at the University of Washington in collaboration with members of the School of Pharmacy’s corporate advisory board outcomes committee.

The PBRS database was first licensed in 2010 and is used by a large number of pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies, and healthcare consultancies.

The database includes detailed information about PBRS arrangements culled from publicly available sources and personal contacts. We define PBRSAs broadly as arrangements between a payer and a pharmaceutical, device, or diagnostic manufacturer where the price level and/or nature of reimbursement is related to the actual future performance of the product in either the research or 'real world' environment rather than the expected future performance. Material for the database is continuously selected, reviewed, and added to the database. The PBRS web portal is easy-to-use and provides tools for visualizing, reporting, and filtering pertinent information.


Information about licensing the use of this resource can be found on the UW Center for Commercialization website.

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