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Maxillary Removable Bilateral Space Maintenance
Space Maintainers: Types Of Space Maintainers
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Space Maintainers: Types And Indications
Appliance Construction
Long-term Evaluation And Significance
Photo Bank: Space Management

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Page 21

The photograph shows a maxillary fixed bilateral space maintainer. This type of space maintainer also is known as a Nance Holding Arch or a Nance Appliance. Note the small acrylic button which will rest against the palatal tissue with this appliance. Some clinicians object to the button since it can create tissue irritation. Therefore, it is important that patients and parents be instructed to make sure that the patient meticulously flosses under the acrylic button. The Nance Holding Arch is used in situations where premature bilateral loss of maxillary primary teeth has occurred.

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