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Atlas Overview

What is the Atlas of Pediatric Dentistry
The Atlas of Pediatric Dentistry is the interactive, web-based sequel to the classic textbook, An Atlas of Pedodontics, which tens of thousands of dentists remember as the pediatric textbook of choice during the 1960's, 70's and 80's.

Written in the traditional Atlas format.
The new electronic Atlas Of Pediatric Dentistry uses an atlas presentation for most of the content, with text material supported by clinical images and illustrations. Typically, each page includes text material accompanied by relevant clinical photographs, radiographs, or illustrations.

The Atlas of Pediatric Dentistry offers:

  • Comprehensive coverage of pediatric dentistry
  • Chapters on oral diagnosis, dental anomalies, local anesthesia, pediatric restorative dentistry, pulp therapy, traumatic injuries, surgery in the primary dentition, space management, preventive dentistry in pediatrics, infant and toddler oral health care, and behavior management.
  • An atlas format that combines text with color photographs, radiographs, drawings, and other images.
  • Interactive quizzes at the end of each chapter.
  • A color photobank composed of nearly full-screen-size photographs to use for patient and parent education.

Perfect for educators
The Atlas course content progresses through multiple levels, and can be used for introductory and professional learning. For example, the Atlas is successfully being used in the introductory pediatric dentistry course at the University of Washington, as well as in the pediatric dental and pediatric medical residency programs, where it is especially useful as residents are given broad responsibility for treatment of children and adolescents. Much of the content is also appropriate for dental assisting and dental hygiene programs and other universities are successfully using it in their predoc programs.

Extensive photo library
The Photo Bank is a unique feature of the Atlas. The Photo Bank contains numerous large images with page titles as the only text. The images include color clinical photographs and radiographs. It is designed for care providers to explain various conditions and treatment approaches to parents and children. These images can be shown to parents and children to demonstrate concepts more effectively.

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