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Cementing The Appliance In Place
Appliance Construction: Cementation
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Space Maintainers: Types And Indications
Appliance Construction
Long-term Evaluation And Significance
Photo Bank: Space Management

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The next step is the actual cementation of the appliance. Probably the most interesting issues related to cementation of space maintainers concern the continuing development of new cements.

The traditional choice, zinc phosphate cement, has been used for decades and still is used by many practitioners. It is a satisfactory material. It stores well, is easy to mix, and is well tolerated by patients.

The glass ionomer cements, however, have gained huge popularity over the last decade. They also are easy to mix and are well tolerated by patients. In addition, glass ionomers release fluoride, are technique forgiving if isolation from oral fluids is less than perfect, and are very insoluble. Their lack of solubility is perhaps their most important advantage, since practitioners encounter less recurrent decay around and underneath bands. Bands rarely come off when glass ionomer cements are used, especially if the bands are tight fitting to begin with.

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