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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Who can use these modules for education in pediatric trauma care?
  • Anyone! Although designed primarily for hospital-based physicians and nurses caring for injured children, they will also be of use to pre-hospital providers. Providers employed at designated trauma centers in the state of Washington can use this curriculum to meet the Pediatric Education Requirement.
  • Is there any cost for using this curriculum?
  • No. The funds for developing and hosting this online curriculum were provided by generous sponsors noted on the home page.
  • Do I have to complete the entire curriculum at one sitting?
  • No. You may complete the entire curriculum in one setting if you wish. Alternatively, you may set up a user account (at no charge) that allows you to return to the curriculum whenever you wish.
  • What is the Pediatric Education Requirement (PER)?
  • The PER was established in 2002 by the Washington State Emergency Medical Services and Trauma System, a branch of the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) in an attempt to ensure safe and effective medical care for injured children in Washington. The PER requires that certain trauma care providers at all DOH-designated trauma centers receive appropriate education and training in important aspects of pediatric trauma care. These requirements are described in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC 246-976-700) and pertain to certain specialty physicians and specialty nurses who care for injured children in both pediatric- and adult-designated trauma centers throughout the state.
  • What are the actual requirements of the PER, and which specific trauma care providers must meet the PER?
  • The specific requirements of the PER dependent on whether the provider works at a non-pediatric (i.e., adult)-designated trauma center (five [5] contact hours of education), or at a pediatric-designated trauma center (seven [7] contact hours of education). Trauma care providers generally must provide evidence of meeting the PER once during every three-year designation cycle for their trauma center. The specific requirements for each setting, including a list of which trauma care providers must meet the PER, can be found in the Washington Administrative Code:
    Adult trauma centers:
    Pediatric trauma centers:
  • What does this online curriculum in pediatric trauma care consist of, and does it meet the requirements of the PER?
  • This curriculum consists of seven (7) modules that have been developed specifically to meet the educational requirements of the PER. Each module consists of ~40 slides and a 5-question post-test, and should be completed in 30-60 minutes. Some modules contain links to brief educational videos that enhance the module content. The Washington State Emergency Medical Services and Trauma System has determined that providers who complete the first five modules/post-tests (adult-designated centers) or all seven modules/post-tests (pediatric-designated centers) in this curriculum will satisfy the PER for their trauma center's current designation cycle.
  • If I am a Washington state trauma care provider and want to prove that I've completed this curriculum, how do I do so?
  • First, you must register (on the home page) as a Washington state trauma care provider and create a user account (at no charge). You may then complete the modules as your time schedule allows. Once you have completed all necessary modules/post-tests, you will be allowed to print out a 'certificate of completion' for this curriculum. You must retain a paper copy of this certificate and provide it to your trauma center's director at the time of your next designation cycle.