Hunger would be starving without Waste

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Hunger is in effect a systemic issue. Our media over simplifies it to a lack of food or resources when we must in-fact look at a broader system that changes how and why there is hunger in a world where we have enough food to feed everyone. There are an assortment of complex variables at play.

First we see the shift in our society to industrial agriculture away from small farm systems and into a more specialized world. This has a larger impact on areas that can not adequately compete with major industry. With economic degradation of small farming we see a shift that removes qualified labor, cripples proper farming strategies for sustainability, and lowers the resilience thresholds.

The second major element is our complex commodity chains and their socioeconomic attributes. Although complex commodity chains are not new, what we see today is the addition of global trade sanctions, preferential treatment, and global economic policy that favors developed over developing nations for trade. This leads to a lack of food resources where they are needed most.

The third element I wanted to address was food waste. This is something that happens on two primary fronts. First on the industrial stage where produce deemed inadequate for consumption based on appearance is often discarded and then second, where food is discarded because consumers are not adequate tracking their intakes and so a lot of food spoils.

In general we have a problem that can be addressed by looking at the entire system and working through each aspect, unfortunately our contemporary practice is to increase production rather than address the roots of our problems.

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