Contemplating Fossil Fuels and Food

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The most impactful contemplative practice for me was week 6 when we learned about the use of fossil fuels in our food system. It was interesting to sit and reflect on foods that I eat and the luxury that I have because of fossil fuels. So many people don’t have the same luxuries. When going through the guided contemplative practice I was thinking about the dinner I had and the gas stove I used to make it. I thought about the process of cleaning up my dishes after dinner and knowing that the hot water I am used to wash the dishes wouldn’t be heated without gas. I thought about how different my life would be if fossil fuels weren’t in our food system. We would all be eating food that is native to our area and grows well in our climate. That is what some people in developing countries have to do. As Professor Litfin has been arguing since day one of this class, the food system really is very heavily intertwined and fossil fuels has a big role in the interconnectedness of the world food system.

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