Food Through a New Lens

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Practical and realistic changes have stood out as “aha moments” because it offers a way to contribute to better uses of food. Whether this is through the conservation of water, gardening approaches, food shopping, or being informed of large company practices (i.e. Pepsi Co.) I am able to make better choices for my family and play a broader role in society. For instance, my strategy in food shopping at a grocery store, as Michael Pollan suggested, is to stay on the edges and avoid the center aisle. This strategic approach will help me to avoid processed food and foods that contain large portions of added sugars. With this method I am able to make healthier choices for my family and stay informed about what is really in the food I purchase (i.e. palm oil, added sugars, ingredients I can’t pronounce, etc.).  Better yet, when I have access to a farmer’s market I make the effort to support local farmers which allows my family to eat healthier and seasonally. Another example for practical change is how I manage my garden. I can now look for better ways to care for the soil with organic compost or finding natural alternatives to deal with bugs or weeds. Eliminating waste whether it is by over watering plants or the food I eat I can find alternative methods for repurposing the anything extra.

After learning about the world food system, I honestly encounter hope and concern for the future of the food industry. I believe it will be hard to break through the chains of industry giants who have an enormous amount of wealth and power already. I question how cycles of political corruption will be held accountable and stop in places like Indonesia who are going through large quantities of deforestation. On the other hand, as I learn about progress made, organizations for real Fair Trade, and local leaders working to create a better sustainable food supply, I am encouraged and filled with hope. Learning about how individuals can contribute to a better food system offers people, myself included, to participate in changing the world food system. Going forward I hope to not only change my habits but be able to contribute by sharing the knowledge gained about the world food system with others.


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