A Bitter Sweet Reality

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The far reaching impacts of climate change on our food security, economic stability, and social inequality is nothing less than overwhelming. Food industries across the globe will have to grapple with the multifaceted impacts of climate change. From the decreased yields seen in commercial fishing due to ocean acidification, to the increasing widespread draughts, there is a shift towards scarcity. The most striking aspect of this is how the poorest nations are predicted to see a greater impact from climate change elements like sea level rise, and temperature increases. The conversation in the US government needs to shift from debating the existence of climate change, to preparing for the realities of many millions of climate related refugees. Although the estimated impact is widely debated, the increase in displaced people will ultimately put more stress on our commodity chains, and in many instances the reason for displacement will also damage some element of the food supply. Contemplating the various facets of how climate will alter our food systems brings about many hard questions that there is not adequate consensus on in government organizations that ultimately create policies. The call to action here, is for individuals to seek out their elected officials, and NGO’s that are looking to the future and suggesting integrated and holistic approaches to resolving the impending climate change related food insecurities.

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