Nurture and Grow

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My favorite contemplative practice from the later half of the quarter was from week 9’s lesson about seeds. The presentation was informative, but also really opened my eyes to my own life and personal growth. Like seeds, we grow and thrive best when we are well nourished and cared for. In order for us to succeed and be healthy, we have a responsibility to treat our minds and bodies in a way that will allow us to do that. It made me realize I need to do this by making good decisions about what I eat and how I treat my body, and making sure that I prioritize my own personal health, especially managing stress. It reminded me of the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. Like seeds, we will not grow as well if we don’t put in the effort and care.

I also enjoyed the portion of the slideshow about intentions, and how to stay focused and be successful we must be clear about our intentions and what we want to “plant” and “cultivate”. I really took this idea to heart and realized that I can’t plant a seed and then let it go as I get distracted, or it will never grow. You have to realize what your goals and intentions are and stay focused on achieving them. I know for myself, I want to focus on finishing school, advancing in my career, and being a good girlfriend, daughter, and friend to those in my life. So I have to stay focused on those intentions and not make decisions that stray from them or become lazy. I think this contemplative practice was the one that stayed with me the most among those this quarter, and that anyone can apply these ideas to their lives and make it their own.

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