Final Thoughts

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My big takeaway from the class is that I will be more conscious about what I am eating.  We covered a lot of information in this class.  I thought week after week that I would get to a place that made everything feel full circle.  I was often frustrated to feel that the world food system isn’t operating in a way that benefits more people.

There was an ‘aha’ moment for me and I wish that it would have came sooner because it really helped me to understand some of the big ideas.  This moment for me was the lesson on rhetoric and language.  Professor Liftin gave a lecture on the topic in which we learned about trendy lingo and buzzwords and how they can at times, be misguiding.  Looking back, I think it was so helpful because up until that point I was misguided by some of these buzzwords, even and when we would go through our lessons, I knew some of the ideas were supposed to be negative—even though sometimes I just thought they didn’t.  This class has been different than others I have taken so I didn’t have any background knowledge to reference so many of the topics we studied were new.

I don’t know if there is anything I can do that is powerful enough to change a whole world system. However, If I eat more consciously, support small farmers, and local farmers I will probably feel healthy and hopefully inspire the same type of change throughout the world.  The best thing that any of can do is to keep talking about the issues that we are passionate about and the ones that we want to change.

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