Seeds are People Too!

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Regarding the seed and meat industry and our contemplative practice for module 9.  I thought a lot about how I feel about the choices I make when I eat and why I chose to make them.  Do I even care, or do I choose what to eat because I like it?  Thinking about this module and then doing the contemplative exercise I couldn’t help to remember that plants are in many ways like animals.  They reproduce, they live, they feed, and like animals, like us, they are part of an important ecosystem that has been around billions of years.

Let’s treat plants and animals as living things that are equally important to the cycle of life.  I always like the idea of GMO seeds or other technological advancements.  I wouldn’t choose to not buy something because it was GMO or because it was organic.  Now, thinking of plants—seeds—remembering they are just as alive as us, makes me want to be more aware of how my food is being farmed.  Why would I want to eat food that was created when it naturally is the food that we need it to be?  Why would I want to contribute to a process that is ultimately going alter the natural processes of our planet?

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