Q Benefits

This benefits page is to help collect some tips, tricks and benies that we can get on campus as well as off campus.  Let us know if you know of any benefits that we should also add to the site.

General Benefits (Faculty/Staff/Students)

  • AdvanceScreenings.com – Free Movie Screenings for Seattle.  Watch them before they are released. They go fast.
  • GetScreening.com – Another Free Movie Screening Site.
  • TheWholeU – Discounts
    • McCall Hall, Key Arena, Legoland, Seattle Rep, Teatro ZinZanni, Tangerine Tales, Wild Waves, Woodland Park Zoo, Jazz Alley
    • Other Event Discounts.  Check here periodically
  • UW World Series Performances:  Meany Hall Discounts
  • Cell Phone Discounts: UW Discounts for all (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc)
  • Car2Go:  $15 one-time cost Membership for Faculty/Staff/Students


Faculty/Staff Benefits and Tips & Tricks

  • HR: Sick Leave Buy Back Program: January/February
    • At the beginning of the year, HR should send you notice that you can sell back your unused sick days from last year at 25%
    • This is the closes you’ll get to a bonus at UW.
    • Catch is that it only applies to sick hours from the previous year.  96hours total.  So if you use 8hrs, then you can only sell back 88hours.  If you have plenty of vacation, then use those instead and sell back your sick days for extra money.
  • HR: FMLA for New Babies, New Adoptions & New Foster Kids
    • If you plan on adopting or fostering a child, you will receive the same benefits as someone who is having a baby.
    • Up to 4 months: use a combination of annual leave, up to ten days of sick leave, personal holiday,leave without pay and compensatory time while on parental leave
  • HR: Same Sex Marriage: Same rights now as “Spouse”
    • Medical Insurance: same-sex spouses no longer need to be taxed to the employee.
  • HR: 403b Plans. Contribute at least to Matching Level
    • UW Contributes 100% Matching up to the following %:
      • Under 35y.o. =5%, 35+=7.5%, 50+=10% | It’s free money to contribute at least these % to get the matching from UW
  • HR: UWRP or PERS 3: 403b vs. Pension
    • you have 30 days to decide
    • UWRP = 403b (your money depends on how well you invest & market)
    • PERS3 = Pension Plan & a 403b (You get 2 salaries at retirement)
      • Defined Benefit (UW Pays) =1% x service credit years x average final compensation = monthly benefit
        • Average Final Compensation = avg of the 60 consecutive highest paid salary
        • Must stay for 10 years to be fully vested.
      • Defined Contribution (You Pay)
        • This one is like the UWRP (403b), it depends on the market

Students Only Benefits