Summer Institute 2017

RPN Summer Institute

August 7-11, 2017

About the RPN Summer Institute

The RPN Summer Institute convened a week-long workshop between eleven scholars from around the world and Professors Victoria Lawson, Sarah Elwood, Tony Lucero and Santiago Canevaro (Anthropology, CONICET) at the University of Washington in Seattle. The Summer Institute cultivated a unique space for building theory and community through collaborative, cross-disciplinary knowledge production and in-depth engagement with the future of relational poverty scholarship. The Institute involved group discussions around theory, methodology, and professional development. Participants each contributed a selection of their own writing, which we workshopped collectively. Ultimately, we aimed to make connections across contexts and projects — creating a collaborative space for new forms of knowledge to be produced and coalescing a cohort of young scholars committed to changing the wider conversation around impoverishment through research, writing, teaching, and public outreach.

Participants included: 
Danford Chibvongodze, Development Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal
Austin Crane, Geography, University of Washington
Maggie Dickinson, Anthropology, CUNY
Lorena Fuentes, Social Welfare Luskin School, UCLA
Juan Herrera, Geography, UCLA
Melora Koepke, Geography, Simon Fraser University
Santiago Martin, Sociology, Uni Nacional de la Plata
Stella Paterniani, Anthropology, University of Brasilia
Tony Sparks, Urban Planning, San Francisco State University
Yolanda Valencia, Geography, University of Washington
Dilara Yarbrough, Criminal Justice, San Francisco State University