Undergraduate & Postbacc Research Assistants

Winter 2023 Update: We won’t be recruiting new RAs to join our lab this Fall or Winter. If you’re interested in joining our lab in Spring 2023 quarter, please contact Sharon Kiche (she/her) (kichews@uw.edu) near the end of Winter 2023 quarter.

The RISE Mental Health Lab welcomes undergraduate and postbacc students who are interested in gaining research experience in our lab! We study how to improve access to effective mental health interventions in community settings in the United States and globally. We mainly focus on child and adolescent interventions. Our projects include (1) exploring how community-based clinicians and organizations in Washington can be supported in providing effective interventions and (2) examining how teachers and health volunteers in Kenya can deliver mental health treatment. Below we list some additional information:

  • Time Commitment: Ideally, you would join us for 2 quarters (6+ hours/week). All work would be done remotely. If it is a good fit, we welcome students to get more involved with our lab family. 
  • Opportunities and Responsibilities: You will learn various research skills: effective literature searches, construct research surveys, and collaborate with research partners. If students are interested, there may be opportunities to take on more higher-level/advanced duties as an Honors student.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: You would be joining a diverse lab; we have grads and undergrads from different cultural backgrounds and experiences, and this makes our teamwork and science better! We welcome more students from diverse backgrounds. 
  • Mentorship: You would have a primary graduate student mentor. We make every effort to support all students in achieving their goals (e.g., developing specific research skills, submitting a research poster, applying to jobs or graduate school), including tailoring our support and mentorship to meet their needs. 

We also organize optional bimonthly lab meetings with undergrads, grads/coordinators, and PI dedicated to discussing articles relevant to our research as well as professional development for undergrads (e.g., skills development and preparing for jobs/graduate school).

  • Experience: No prior research experience is required. We encourage all undergraduates interested in research to apply, especially those who are earlier in their undergraduate career (e.g., Freshman/Sophomore).

How to apply: We typically seek and admit research assistants before the beginning of the next quarter. For example, students seeking to start spring quarter should reach out toward the end of winter quarter to ask about any potential opportunities. Emails can be sent to Sharon Kiche (she/her) at (kichews@uw.edu).