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The most recently completed Standard for each state is available online. Please contact the Center for Women’s Welfare to receive a copy of any of the earlier Standard reports or data.

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Additional Publications by the Center for Women’s Welfare

Demographic Reports
The Center for Women’s Welfare publishes demographic reports, which use U.S. Census Bureau data to analyze the characteristics of those above and below the Self-Sufficiency Standard in particular states. Demographic reports have been published for the following states:

Overlooked and Undercounted 2009: Struggling to Make Ends Meet in California

Overlooked and Undercounted: Struggling to Make Ends Meet in Colorado

Overlooked and Undercounted: Where Connecticut Stands

Overlooked and Undercounted: Struggling to Make Ends Meet in Mississippi

New Jersey
Not Enough to Live on: Characteristics of Households Beneath the Real Cost of Living

Overlooked and Undercounted: How the Great Recession Impacted Household Self-Sufficiency in Pennsylvania
Overlooked and Undercounted: Struggling to Make Ends Meet in Pennsylvania

Washington State
Overlooked and Undercounted: Wages, Work and Poverty in Washington State

Other Research and Resources

HANDOUT: Frequently Asked Questions

HANDOUT: About the Self-Sufficiency Standard

Pennsylvania Making Wages Work : The Impact of Work Supports on Wage Adequacy for Pennsylvania Families

Public Policies & Private Strategies

Dr. Pearce statement on Measuring Poverty in America

Dr. Pearce powerpoint on talk: "How Much is Really Enough? Understanding Self-Sufficiency in the Border Region".

Self-Sufficiency Calculators

The Bay Area Self-Sufficiency Calculator

Colorado Self-Sufficiency Calculator

Illinois Self-Sufficiency Calculator

Indiana Self-Sufficiency Standard Calculator

New York
The Calculator for the City of New York

Prosperity Planner

The Pennsylvania Online Training and Benefits Eligibility Tool

Washington State
The Calculator

Washington, DC
Washington, DC Metro Area Self-Sufficiency Calculator