The Actiwatch records your child’s movements. We will use it to learn more about your child’s activity during the day and how he sleeps at night.

Wearing the Actiwatch

  • Please have your child wear the actiwatch all day and all night for 10 days in a row.
  • Your child should wear the actiwatch at all times, including when he plays, stays with other caregivers, naps, sleeps, and showers. The watch is water-resistant, not waterproof, so please take the watch off whenever your child goes swimming or taking a bath. Try to put your child’s watch back on right after he dries off.
  • The actiwatch should be worn on his ankle.
  • The actiwatch has a sensor that tells us about the light in your child’s surroundings. Please try to put the watch over the clothes and make sure your child’s clothes don’t cover up the light sensor. If that’s not feasible, it’s ok to wear the watch underneath the clothes.

Pressing the left button

Pushing the left button can help us do a better job of understanding your child’s sleep data. Press and hold the left button for 3 seconds when:

  • You put your child to bed or down for a nap
  • Your child gets out of bed in the morning or gets up from a nap
  • Your child takes the watch off and puts the watch back on

An animated pattern will appear on the display indicating that your event has been recorded. If you forget to press the button, it’s not a big problem. We can still read the watch’s information, so please keep having your child wear it. Extra button pushes are also okay.

The more your child wears the watch, the more it can teach us about his sleep. Even if you make mistakes, have your child keep wearing the watch.