Current STEP Courses

Here is a listing of the courses that STEP fellows have developed and are teaching (or have taught) this current academic year (2017-2018):

Disease in focus: from cells to society – Heather Feldman & Katrin Hollinger

Personalized medicine and wellness: separating hype from reality – Jooyoung Park, Rajiv McCoy, & Priyanka Baloni

Fact or not?  Addressing misinformation in science reporting about cancer, vaccines, and viruses  – Jesse Erasmus, Sasha Larsen, & Trisha Sippel

On the cutting edge: Molecular scissors for gene editing – Joel Berletch, Alisha Mendonsa, & Elizabeth Speltz

How to build a visual system – Kathryn Jewett, Tera Levin, & Alex White

The viral world – Helen Stankiewicz

Curing cancer: Complex answers for complex disease – JB Dupont, Michelle Messmer, & Heather Wright

How evolution shapes cancer: Implications for a cure – Heather Gustafson, Caiti Heil, & Jeetu Thakur

Clickbait science, sketchy supplements, and bogus advice: Critically evaluating health claims in the modern age – Daniel Reeves, Fan Zhang, & Jeremy Whitson