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New study in JIAS highlights U.S. patient preferences for long-acting HIV treatment



The study explores preferences for long-acting antiretroviral therapy (LA-ART) regimens among people with HIV (PWH) in the United States.
The research focuses on four treatment modes: oral tablets, subcutaneous injections, intramuscular injections, and implants, along with other product characteristics and administration locations.
A discrete choice experiment involving 700 PWH from Washington State and Atlanta was conducted, with LA oral tablets being the most preferred mode over current daily oral treatment.
Longer time between doses and administration at home were preferred, with less impact on preferences for attributes like oral lead-in treatment or late-dose leeway.
Preferences varied between Atlanta and Seattle participants, emphasizing the need to consider heterogeneity in future LA-ART implementation and adherence research.

Seattle, July 19, 2023