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Available course offerings for the Biomechanics Graduate Thread expose students to the basics of musculoskeletal anatomy, mechanics of materials, and experimental and computational methods in biomechanics.  The Fall Biomechanics Seminar Series provides a broad overview of the interdisciplinary biomechanics research being conducted across the UW campus.  These courses supplement the student's research experience and facilitates cross-pollination and collaboration between research groups and labs.  Additional information about each of these courses, including availability, can be found through the UW Course Description Website.

Autumn Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter

ME 599 Biological Frameworks for Engineers (3)

ME 599R: Musculo-Skeletal Biomechanics (4)

ME 598: Biomechanics Seminar (1)

REHAB 444: Musculo-Skel. Anatomy (4)

REHAB 445: Musculo-Skel. Anatomy (4)

ME 445: Introduction to Biomechanics (4)

ME 556 Experimental Stress Analysis I (3)

ME 557 Experimental Stress Analysis II (3)

ME 478 Finite Element Analysis (4)

BIOST 517: Intro to Biostatistics (4)

ME 599K Computational Methods in Biomechanics (4)

BIOST 521: Biostatistics for Exp.(4)

ME 473 Instrumentation (3)

EE 543 Models of Robotic Manipulation (3)

EE 544 Advanced Robotic Manipulation (4)

ME 551 Elasticity I (3)