Gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations allow the UW Autism Center to expand clinical and training programs, pilot innovative research projects, retain and attract the best clinical leadership, and help provide funding for families in need through our scholarship program.

The UW Autism Center: International reputation, local services

Our mission:
  • Providing state-of-the-art clinical services
  • Increasing community knowledge and service capacity
  • Conducting innovative, relevant research on causes and treatments for autism
How your gift helps

You can help us serve more children, adolescents, and young adults with autism – along with their families – ensuring their access to the training, support, and opportunities they need to achieve their full potential. A few examples are:

Toys and materials. For our intervention and summer-camp programs. $50
Clinical scholarships. For family consultation visits with our autism experts. $150
Workshops. Support innovative programs for parents, educators, and healthcare professionals. $500
Behavioral consultation. Short-term therapy to address goals in areas such as sleep, self-control, and toileting. $1,000
Screening and diagnosis. For a family – the first step in changing a child’s life. $2,500
Training fellowships. To prepare future professionals for clinical and research careers in autism. $5,000
Pilot research. Seed funding for novel autism research initiatives. $10,000

To make a gift of any size, please visit our donation page to make your gift online. For more information on giving options, please contact Christa Farmer at 206.221.0635 or via e-mail.  Thank you for your interest in our work!