UW Combined Fund Drive

The 2021 UW Combined Fund Drive Campaign officially begins on October 6 and runs through December 3. Established in 1984, UW employees have donated more than $56 million to local, national and international nonprofits via the CFD. This year’s featured nonprofit is Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI), with a focus on their Tiny Houses initiative. LIHI is one of the largest providers of tiny house village shelters in the nation, ensuring that people’s experience in homelessness is as safe, dignified, and brief as possible.

The Tiny House Villages are a variety of sizes, and all have security booths with 24-hour security, hygiene facilities, kitchen facilities, laundry, donation tents as well as a supportive staff and case managers for our homeless residents and their pets. Tiny houses are approximately 100 square feet with a variety of designs. They are all safe, sturdy structures that protect homeless individuals and families. The tiny houses have lockable doors, insulation, windows, an overhead light, electricity, heat, and ventilation.

The villages provide the stability and assistance the residents need to get back on their feet and improve their lives. Case managers located on-site connect our residents with housing, employment, and needed social services like healthcare, education, childcare, income benefits, transportation, drug and alcohol treatment, unification with family and friends, and more.

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Your donations help achieve stronger, healthier communities by supporting local, national, and global organizations ranging from the arts, education, and medical research to the environment, disaster relief, and human services. There are many benefits of giving through the UW Combined Fund Drive:

  • Nonprofits appreciate workplace giving programs because they are one of the most inexpensive forms of fundraising and one of the largest sources of income. In addition, it is often easier to give smaller amounts throughout the year via payroll deduction than in a lump sum check which means you may be able to give more.
  • Nonprofits save time and money. All employee donations are sent in a single check once per quarter, requiring far fewer staff to process individual donations, and lowering bank fees. Organizations also save the expense of multiple fundraising campaigns, so more dollars go to services.
  • Nonprofits can budget. The quarterly distribution allows charities to budget more effectively knowing they have a steady stream of income throughout the year. Regular donations allow nonprofit organizations to better plan their upcoming activities.
  • Nonprofits depend on workplace giving. The UW Combined Fund Drive is one of the largest sources of income for many charities.

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