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UW Medicine Information Security Program

Welcome to the New UW Medicine Information Security Program Website

Some things have been changed or moved from our previous website. Some of the content that was previously public is now restricted and you will have to authenticate using your UW NetID in order to access it.

If you are unsure what a UW NetID is or need help with your UW NetID, you can visit the UW NetID Information page run by UW IT.

If you have problems finding content that was available on our old website, please open a ticket with the IT Services Help Desk. Their information can be located below in the Questions section.

About Us

In order to address the protection of UW Medicine’s electronic information systems and data assets, UW Medicine must implement and maintain a sensible and responsible program for information security. This Information Security Program provides services and activities that support the important and difficult business challenge of protecting data.

Included in our program are the necessary elements of information systems and data security required for UW Medicine to meet its regulatory and contractual compliance obligations. Beyond mandatory compliance requirements and risk management objectives, our program is also designed

UW Medicine ITS Security also works closely with all UW Medicine entities and theĀ Office of the Chief Information Security Officer , CISO, for the University of Washington.

Our Mission

To support UW Medicine’s own high standards
and commitment to the preservation and protection
of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of UW Medicine’s
information assets.


You can contact the UW Medicine ITS – Security team by:
or by opening a IT Services Help Desk ticket at:
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