Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can use VD&P Poster’s services?

Poster production serves the University of Washington faculty, staff and students; UW affiliates; city, county, and State of Washington agencies; and the Federal government. Due to state regulations we do not provide services for personal business use or to the general public.


Are you open during quarter breaks, on weekends or holidays?
  • Open during quarter breaks and during lunch.
  • Closed on weekends and UW holidays

Order Information

How do I place my order?
  1. Order online at select your product, enter the materials/size information and upload your file.
  2. You will get redirected to the checkout page. Enter in your account information or login to an existing account.
  3. Click submit. When your proof is ready you will receive an email. If you did not select a proof you will be notified when your order is ready.

No access to a computer? Come to VD&P Posters T-271 in Health Sciences Center T-wing and use one of our lab computers to order online.

If you’re part of a Group Order, select your group from the available products on the Order Poster page. You will need a password to access the order form.

What’s the turnaround time?

Posters take 24 hours to ~4 days to produce, depending on the services and materials required. Due times are determined once we know the scope of your order.

For a proof: Proof are available within 24 on the same material you choose for the poster. We notify you via email when it’s ready for review. This is the time to make changes or corrections to your poster and submit a revised file. OR, approve the proof for printing “as is”. (Another proof may be recommended for the revised file.)

Once the proof has been approved, the turnaround times are as follows:

  • Banner Stand: 4 business days
  • Banners: 2 business days with an additional 2 business days if laminated
  • Peel & Stick:  2 business days (large volume may require additional time)
  • Gloss Paper (Posters): 2 business days
  • Lamination requires an additional 2 business days.
  • Mounting requires an additional 2 business days.
  • For lamination and mounting an additional 3 business days are required.
How do I revise my order?

To revise your file or order information go to Revise Order. Fill out the necessary information and upload the revised file. Any order details (size, lamination, trim, etc) can be added to the special instructions.

You will receive a confirmation email of your order revision.

You can only revise your order when it is at the “Proof Ready” status. Once you have reviewed your proof and confirmed to “Go Final” and order cannot be revised. To confirm your order status, you can check the My Account page.

Need a rush order?

If you need your order fast, you can opt for a RUSH order. Rush orders are only available when workload allows; with a 100% surcharge. Call first to inquire at 543.9275

Password Issues?

If you are experiencing problems with passwords not being recognized, please submit your order by emailing us at Be sure to include all information to size, quantity, paper choice, mounting, BUDGET NUMBER or other payment method and your contact information.

Or bring your file on removable media to room T -271 in the Health Sciences Building.


Should I get a proof?

We recommend it due to the many variables in poster files and it’s often easier to notice errors in print than onscreen. Printing it out on your own printer is not equal to printing it out on our system. You find out:


  • Does your file print out as expected or not?
  • Are there any typos or errors on your poster?
  • Do the colors look right?
  • Do you like how the poster looks on the material chosen? (can be changed)

Proofs are $10

What if I don't check a proof?
  • There may be unexpected errors or problems that show up on the final poster.
  • We cannot guarantee the printed outcome of posters that have not been proof-checked by you.


What determines the cost?
What are my payment options?
  • UW budget numbers
  • MasterCard, Visa, Husky Card or personal check*. Non-budget number payments will have both a 15.6% UW overhead fee and 9.6% sales tax added.

* If you pay with a check, your payment will be processed by Student Fiscal Services (SFS) at the UW. SFS processes checks electronically using the information on the check to create an electronic funds transfer. Each time you send a check, you authorize a one-time electronic transfer where funds will be withdrawn from your bank account. You will not receive your cancelled checks because SFS is required to destroy the check after it has been processed. For more information or to stop the conversion of your check into an electronic funds transfer, please contact SFS at (206) 543-4694 or by email at

Can you ship my order?
  • We can ship by UPS within the US. UPS and durable cardboard tube charges will be added to your bill.
  • We can send by UW Campus mail within the UW system for proofs and unmounted posters.
  • If you send a courier to pick up, please notify us in advance
  • Only unmounted posters, Travel Fabric and Peel & Stick can be shipped

Design & Color

How do I get the colors I want on my final poster?
  • Poster and all elements in the poster should be RGB
  • Staff make some adjustments based on your proof.
  • Color matching to a sample may incur a fee and depends on workload demands.
Why did the colors print out differently on my proof/poster than I expected?
  • Computer monitors and printers are calibrated differently so the color on your computer screen MAY NOT match the color on the printed proof or final.
  • Each material we print on varies a bit in how it reproduces color. Checking color is one of many good reasons to request a proof.
What program can I use to make my poster file? What's the preferred file type for the poster?
  • PowerPoint (see “ppt how to” [56K PDF])*
  • Photoshop pdf (flattened)
  • Adobe Illustrator EPS or PS from (with bounding box if background is white)
  • PDF,TIFF, JPG, PNG made at the full size of the poster from other programs
  • Microsoft Word

* Software capable of displaying a PDF is required for viewing or printing this document. Adobe Reader is available free of charge from the Adobe Web site at

How can I get a UW logo?
  • Contact
  • Some departments have their own logos. Contact the department for their logo.
  • Use a high resolution file and “insert” it, don’t copy and paste.
What fonts do you support?
  • All fonts that come with Windows XP, Windows 7, Microsoft Office, and Mac OSX.
  • For other fonts, save the file with fonts embedded, or make a PDF or EPS file with fonts outlined in curves or paths (depending on software).
  • Make a graphic of the text and insert it into your file.
Need help with the design of your poster or banner?
  • VD&P can design your poster or banner for you! If you are looking for an eye-catching and on-brand poster or banner, contact our Graphic Designer at VD&P can create your poster from start to finish or just add some polish and branding to your existing design. Simply email with your files and project information for an estimate.
  • Download templates for posters, banners and flyers off of the UW Brand Website. A variety of designs are available.

  •  Additional resources can be found on our Design Help page >

Printing Options

What material should I use?
  • Usage, longevity, durability, amount of ink coverage, photo reproduction, size, budget all contribute to your choice of material.
  • Regular Materials are good for conference posters.
  • Specialty Materials are for outdoor, and other uses.
Should I laminate my poster?

Lamination helps protect your poster from fingerprints, weather, damage, fading. Lamination makes posters non-recyclable. Most posters to be used for presentation indoors do not need to be laminated. Lamination can be applied to a poster at the same time as mounting.

  • Front-surface, rollable laminate is available for unmounted posters. The poster is flexible enough so the poster can fit in a tube, but the lam does not protect the back.
  • Encapsulation laminate covers both sides of an unmounted poster. It offers greater protection by sealing the edges, making the poster more weather-proof, and stiffer, so not able to roll tightly.
  • Dry-erasable white-board lamination can be applied to mounted or unmounted posters.
TRIM: What is the difference between borderless and a 1/2 in. border?

Borderless means there is no edge to the poster and the design goes beyond the edge of the sheet before trimming. The 1/2″ border means the design will have a half inch border around all sides.

Updating a retractable banner

If you have a retractable banner (floor or table size) you can reprint the banner and we will install in in your existing frame for about half the price of a new banner. Simply bring in your existing stand in for us to replace with your order.

Peel & Stick Installation

Peel & Stick Installation

All permanent or temporary signage affixed to walls on corridors, hallways, common areas or stairwells must be approved by HS Building Management.  It is the responsibility of the requesting department to obtain approval BEFORE installation.

Any Peel and Stick signage produced by HSAS&F Visual Design and Production intended for these types of areas must be installed by HS Building Management staff.  To aid in compliance, this service is provided without additional charge. Use the following web form to request review and approval of VD&P-produced Peel and Stick signs.

Request Peel & Stick Post or Sign Installation

REVISED 2018 ATTENTION: NEW HOURS ARE 7:30AM TO 5PM MONDAY -THURSDAY. CLOSED ON FRIDAYS. Black foam core is no longer available. Front lamination and Peel & Stick are by special order only. Please call 206-543-9275.